24 September, 2006

Sweet Home Alabama

Hey kidz. I performed at the Stardome Comedy Club in Birmingham, AL last night and what a great club. A big shout out to all the performers last night and their guests. You guys rock! I look forward to returning on a regular basis--- If gas prices don't take a big bite out of my ass!

"Bernee" is still bumpin' along in the editing process. Hopefully we'll have a screening date pretty soon. Until next time.


21 September, 2006

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Zanies last night! It was great! There were people there that I haven't seen in years. yeah old friends! anyway, great to see everyone and who can resist the chants of "Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho!" that's music to my ears baby.

until next time


20 September, 2006


Hey kidz! Come on out to Zanies tonight and enjoy some live comedy. The show starts at 7:30 PM. bring your tickle boxes so we can kick 'em over! Oh and bring your wallet, it's a 2 item minimum. see you there!


13 September, 2006

Fire Down Below!

Well, it's official. I have an avulsion fracture of my ankle. This just proves my point: DO NOT PLAY AGAINST CRAPPY PLAYERS (Especially when they are amazon in size)! That is all.


12 September, 2006

Oy My Sore Ankle

I'm officially gimpy. I was playing soccer Sunday in an indoor semi-final game and an opposing player stepped on my foot forcing my ankle to roll out. after feeling a bad pop I laid on the field writhing in pain, told the other team just how much I enjoy playing them because of their lack of skills and dropped a few F-bombs along the way as most drama queens do. Oh well. I should be off crutches tomorrow. but no soccer for a few weeks.

In better news, once again I'll be at Zanies Wed, Sept 20th at 8 PM. If you get a chance check out Lisa Lampanelli Sept 14-17. She is fabulous! And super nice off stage as well.

Later kidz


04 September, 2006

Labor Day

well happy Labor Day everyone! It sounds like we should all be giving birth or something. anyway, enjoy your burgers and processed meats in tube form. try to be civil. don't let on to aunt bertha that her potato salad tastes chalky. stop and smell the roses today because tomorrow they won't be there. the winter ya know -- it cometh. :)

bu, bye kids