15 October, 2006

No On 1

OK apparently I had a brain fart on that last post. I failed to mention the location of the "No On 1" benefit show. It's gonna be at the Church St Cafe in Nashville, TN. The date is still the same: November 4th, 8 PM. See you there!


12 October, 2006

Bernee News

Hey guys. Here's the latest on the movie. I just saw a rough cut tonight and it's lookin' good. :) We're hoping for a screening date the first week in November so mark your calendars. We've also been contacted about screenings in other cities so check the website www.berneethemovie.com to stay posted.

Also, I'm performing in a comedy show to benefit the No On 1 campaign on November 4th. That's a Saturday at 8 PM. Each comic is doing 20 minutes; tx are $10. so come on out and support stand-up comedy.

Heather Ho

02 October, 2006

Poop Patrol

There's nothing like coming home from a ridiculous day at work and finding a steaming pile of poo your dog has left for you right in the middle of carpet. Can he not go on the flooring in front of door? NOOOOOOO!!!! He has to shit right smack dab in the middle of the floor! On the carpet!

Despite this rant I love him to death. He is, after all, my doodlebug. Thanks Swoosh.

Poop Patrol #33

01 October, 2006

Direct Insurance

Well I need to address something. I have been receiving numerous calls in the last 2 weeks regarding a certain insurance commercial. People accusing me of being in a commercial looking "Partridge" like while peddling car insurance savings. To answer all of your questions: Yes, it's me! Are you happy? If you're one of the only people in Nashville to not see this thing consider yourself lucky. And remember, we saved big money.