19 July, 2010

From Swoosh

I've high-jacked the computer again to tell you a few things.  First, it's very hot here in this place, hotter than those 2 round dangly things that used to hang from my butt.  (Glad those are gone).  Every day when we go walkie I hope the little black things in the ground jump up and shoot me in the face with water.  Sometimes I'm lucky.  Other times I want to hang myself with my ID stitched collar with matching leash.  But no matter how much I lay on my back with my doggie part up in the air I still can't get cool.  Don't know why we moved to this desert.

Second, I'm doing that bird text thing now.  I got nothing else to do so if you're on the interwebs you can find me at @SwooshTheDog.  OK, Mama just got home so I better go.  We'll probably go walkie so I can talk to the Cat Cat who hit me last night.  He's lucky Mama pulled me away.