13 March, 2011

This Week and a Blind Man


So this week has been crazy.  To update you on the Harold auditions, I got a callback for Sunday.  I had pretty solid scenework but didn't make a team.  I was told later that I need to initiate stronger at the top of the scene so that'll be something to work on in the next few months.  I also had a great agent meeting and got called by another one to see my demo reel.  Work was nuts and because it's pilot season I'm workshopping like crazy.  I get up about 5:30 in the AM, get home with about an hour to spare before taking off to a workshop, show or rehearsal.  My immune system can only take so much so of course Thursday night at 2 AM I start coughing and sneezing non-stop.  And that's how I've been ever since.

I woke this morning cursing daylight savings but grateful my neighbor and her boyfriend didn't "express" themselves last night.  Surly Temple here I come.  @SwooshTheDog gave me the WTF look and I was like sorry buddy, mommy's gotta go be funny.  Although, I knew that wasn't happening today.  I decided to take the train in to iO.  I do that sometimes when I'm feeling sluggish and don't want to mess with street parking or the Farmer's Market.  As I walked up to buy my ticket, I noticed a frantic MTA employee (probably a bus driver) trying to assist this man.  Finally, he turned to me and asked if I knew how to work the machine and if I could help this guy buy his ticket.  He then explained he was late and needed to get back upstairs to finish his route.  I said sure, even though I was running late.  The dude was a blind man and was short of money.  I'm not sayin' blind men are always short of money but this one was.  So I took his money, popped it into the machine, added a little of my own and voila - his ticket.

He then asked for assistance getting to the train.  If you've never ridden the subway in LA, there is usually a series of escalators and steps as if you're descending the levels of purgatory.  Yes, it's that wonderful.  At this point, time didn't seem to be a factor to me anymore.  I grabbed his arm and off we went.  I stood next to him waiting on the train wondering if he knew I was still there even though we stood in silence.  Then the train roared into the station.  He started to walk forward and I grabbed his arm.  Whoa big guy, I'm feeling good but not good enough to throw myself on some tracks today.  The doors opened and I guided him to a seat.  About 3 guys jumped up and offered me their seat since I was helping this guy.  Well done LA, who says we're jerky?  And Surly Temple rehearsal you ask?  I got my funny on.  I got my funny on real good.  Help a blind man, bring the funny - simple as that.


07 March, 2011

Harold aftermath

So on this fine Monday morning I can only say one thing -- what just happened? My brain feels like it's been run over by a truck then put in a blender and set to chop. This weekend I went through two intense days of Harold auditions at iO West. Saturday was decent and I got a callback and Sunday was solid but not great. So keep your fingers crossed they take a chance on this ole gal. Then I get home in hopes of getting some good rest to start the week off right. But my neighbor had other plans. Let's just say she expresses herself loudly when her boyfriend visits in the middle of the night. They expressed themselves for 2 hours last night. I don't know whether to offer congratulations, get pissed or send her a case of Beaudreaux's Buttpaste. Either way, there was limited sleep - for the both of us.

And on top of it all, I have an agent meeting today. Let's hope what comes out of my mouth is lucid and my filter is somewhat back on. Cheers.

05 March, 2011

Saturday, happy Saturday!

So today is a big day.  First, it's Saturday. Uh, yeah..  Secondly, I've got Harold auditions today at iO West.  I would definitely like to make a Harold team.  I'd be lying if I said otherwise but the cool thing is I'm now performing with Surly Temple and I couldn't be happier.  So if the Harold doesn't swing my way this go around then at least I'll be busy until the next audition.  :)

And last but not least, tonight I'll be hamming it up on the westside with In Rare Form at Mi's Westside Comedy Theater at 9:00 PM.  I've added so many dates to my show calendar so check it out here to see if there's a show near you.