28 September, 2008

Stand-Up Shows

OK guys I've got a couple of shows coming up so get your asses off the couch and out and about town. The first is the Whiteboy Comedy Show which I am very excited about. This show will be at Room 5 Lounge October 2nd at 143 N. La Brea, Hollywood at 9:30. Room 5 is above a restaurant so just walk in the front door and head up the stairs. Tickets are $10 cash at the door.

The second is Stand-Up L.A. October 4th which is held at The Westside Eclectic at 1323-A 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica. Show time is 8 and tickets are $10.

email me at heather@heatherho.com if you need more info. Hope to see you there! :)


16 September, 2008


Wow. Been a long time since I've blogged last. Been a little busy trying to make this L.A. thing happen. And -- I joined Facebook. I must say I never wanted to do either MySpace or Facebook but I'm having a pretty damn good time on the Facebook thing. It's a little more laid back and not so child pedophilish compared to MySpace. So to sum up my experiences so far: Been to some auditions but don't have an agent yet, been doing my stand-up comedy, doing some short form AND long form improv (if you don't know the difference then google it) and been working to pay the bills. I'm tired. I better go watch some 90210. Oh BTW, catch the new doc by Alison Cook I posted on my site http://web.mac.com/heather.horton It's about me! Catch ya later. :)


14 June, 2008

Thanks everyone!

Hey I just want to thank everyone for calling and emailing about Last Comic Standing. Yes, that was me on the swing in the beginning. No, you didn't see me again until the end when I was on stage for them to announce the winners. So to recap, didn't make it to the second round, I had a great experience, met some great people, actually had a camera crew shoot some footage of me -- too bad they didn't use any of it (except the swing bit), got to perform in front of the "Cheers" guys and can now say I've been on NBC. Not a bad year so far if I do say so myself.

now go to bed.

09 June, 2008

Last Comic Standing

OK guys. The time has come. Either I'll be humiliated or praised but either way I'll be on T.V. So, if you give a rat's ass then tune into NBC's "Last Comic Standing" this Thursday night (I think 8:30 EST) to see yours truly. Set your DVR, your TiVo or your VCR if you still own one of those things.

I'll check back in after it airs to assess the damage. happy watching! :)

27 May, 2008


Well, I've been here for a couple of months now. I was just getting settled in when my computer crashed. That's right, my hard-drive went belly-up. fortunately for me (and many other women) I watched the "Sex and the City" episode dedicated to "backing up." Ah yes, we learned so much from Carrie Bradshaw didn't we ladies? I was able to save most of my stuff and avoid a heart-attack which is nice seeing as how young I am.

anyway, my LA experience so far in a nutshell is this: working in the ghetto (not what you think), computer crash, now addicted to sushi, appreciating mass transit, surviving no air conditioning in >90 degree heat, teaching my Michigan born-n-raised roommate how to skim a swimming pool, and last but not lease -- getting some stage time at The Comedy Store. woo-hoo.

So, Last Comic Standing (LCS) just premiered last week. Keep an eye out for the Nashville episode. Thursday nights, 9:30 EST on NBC. see you then!


08 March, 2008

Los Angeles

OK, I'm here. I made it to L.A. a pretty uneventful trip too. but I have no place to live yet so we're staying with a friend until we find a place. so, family and friends please hang loose until I can get you my new address. hopefully that will be soon!

I'm exhausted. :) we'll talk again soon.


05 March, 2008

Last Comic Standing

OK, I will be better about blogging I promise! Especially now since I'm moving to Los Angeles. That's right I said L.A. I know, I know -- what is a good Southern girl gonna do in L.A.? Well a lot I hope. ;) It's been planned for about 6 months and I'm literally sitting in a hotel room in Arkansas. So the journey has begun.

With that being said, I found out Last Comic Standing was coming through Nashville as their last stop for the show. So, I decided to delay the move for a couple of days so I could audition. The movers took all my stuff on Friday and the audition was on monday so I roughed it for a few days. It sucks not having pots and pans to cook with. You can only eat cereal straight out of the box so many times before it starts to grate on ya.

Anyway, I had a great time at the audition. It was a comic convention. I saw comics there I haven't seen in years so I thank NBC and LCS for a great experience. and as far as how I faired on the audition part --- I can't really say. But, you should watch Last Comic Standing on NBC Thursday nights, especially the Nashville episode. ;)

I'll keep you posted on my journey. til next time.