08 March, 2008

Los Angeles

OK, I'm here. I made it to L.A. a pretty uneventful trip too. but I have no place to live yet so we're staying with a friend until we find a place. so, family and friends please hang loose until I can get you my new address. hopefully that will be soon!

I'm exhausted. :) we'll talk again soon.


05 March, 2008

Last Comic Standing

OK, I will be better about blogging I promise! Especially now since I'm moving to Los Angeles. That's right I said L.A. I know, I know -- what is a good Southern girl gonna do in L.A.? Well a lot I hope. ;) It's been planned for about 6 months and I'm literally sitting in a hotel room in Arkansas. So the journey has begun.

With that being said, I found out Last Comic Standing was coming through Nashville as their last stop for the show. So, I decided to delay the move for a couple of days so I could audition. The movers took all my stuff on Friday and the audition was on monday so I roughed it for a few days. It sucks not having pots and pans to cook with. You can only eat cereal straight out of the box so many times before it starts to grate on ya.

Anyway, I had a great time at the audition. It was a comic convention. I saw comics there I haven't seen in years so I thank NBC and LCS for a great experience. and as far as how I faired on the audition part --- I can't really say. But, you should watch Last Comic Standing on NBC Thursday nights, especially the Nashville episode. ;)

I'll keep you posted on my journey. til next time.