28 October, 2009

Halloween Time Again!

OK, I have a friend who hates Halloween.  And I'm like, hey man, who peed in your cornflakes?  Relax, have some chocolate.  I think she is one of those that never dressed up as the sexy nurse and is therefore taking it out on the world.  "Why are we celebrating death?" she says.  Well maybe cuz when something scares the crap out of ya there is a certain rush that makes you feel good eventually.  It's like on a roller coaster -- same principle.  Me personally, I like a little monster mash, a little candy corns, a lot of chocolate and being sexy once a year.  Did I mention the chocolate?

So for all you haters out there -- have some Hershey's and shut up.  You may actually enjoy yourself.

24 October, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Just saw a screener version of Paranormal Activity and supposedly the ending is different from the version in theatres.  And apparently I don't know anyone who's seen it yet so if you've seen it at the movies, message me and tell me what happened!  I'm dying to know!  OK, possibly poor choice of words.

09 October, 2009


Oops!  forgot the link.  :)  Uncle Clyde's Tickets

Hey kids, it's Ice House time!

Hey kids, it's that time again.  But this time it's a contest -- Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest that is.  I'm doing some stand-up next Wednesday, Oct 14th at the Ice House in Pasadena.  So go to the link I've included and get your tickets pre-sell for just $8.  See you there!