25 November, 2009

Show December 3rd!

Hey guys!  I have a stand up comedy show Thursday, December 3rd at the LA Connection Comedy Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA.  Check out the poster for details...

18 November, 2009

Hey check this out!

My improv troupe "In Rare Form" performs at the LA Connection Comedy Theatre every Friday night at 10:30.  Join us on Facebook and visit us at www.inrareformcomedy.com

15 November, 2009

IceHouse tomorrow night baby!

I'll be at the IceHouse Comedy Club in Pasadena, CA tomorrow night; that's Monday night at 8 PM.  See the show poster below.  See you there!

11 November, 2009

New dates added!

New shows to add to the schedule!  I'll be doing stand up this coming Sunday and Monday.  Sunday (15th) will be at Olive's Bistro & Lounge in the Anabelle Hotel at 2011 W. Olive Ave in Burbank, CA.  Show starts at 8 PM.  A hotel crowd -- should be interesting.  Half sloshed, half asleep -- just what I'm looking for.

Monday (16th) will be in the Annex Room at the amazing IceHouse Comedy Club at 24 N. Mentor Ave, Pasadena, CA.  For more info visit  www.icehousecomedy.com  Shot time is 8 PM.

And if you have time after seeing me (wink, wink) then check out my friend Lauren Tuesday night at the new Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk at Universal Studios Hollywood at 8 PM.  I'll be there!

09 November, 2009

In Rare Form @ The Comedy Store!

Hey peeps!  Come check out my improv troupe In Rare Form performing this Wednesday at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset!  Call 818-710-1320 to make reservations for discounted tx.  That's right, get on the list and pay only $5.  For more information on the group go to www.inrareformcomedy.com

see you there!

08 November, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well so far today it's been a lazy Sunday, not something I've had in the past several months.  It's nice to actually wake up without an alarm, read the newspaper, go for a jog if I want to.  I did go for a jog this morning.  I jogged about 3 miles then came home and ate 3 chocolate chip/PB cookies left over from the night before.  The night before of course I ate 3 of these same cookies.  I love my chocolate and peanut butter.  I think the Reese's PB cups are the greatest invention since laser cats.  I like my peanut butter in my chocolate just like I like my lasers in my cats.  I'm just sayin'...

04 November, 2009


Thanks to all the peeps who came out to the show tonight at Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest.  You were a great audience.  And if you like that show then check out the "5 Comics and a Side of Fries" show in Burbank on Tuesday nights at Michael's Bar and Grill.  See you there!

Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest tonight!

Hey, hey!  Tonight's the night!  Come out to Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest at the IceHouse in Pasadena, CA at 8 PM.  You can get $8 tickets at www.comedycasting.com and the audience votes.  That's right, YOU!  Shabooyah.

03 November, 2009

Planet Stoopid Fresh

Thanks CZG!  Hey guys check out Planet Stoopid Fresh in my follow list.  It's my friend Chris's blog and it's Stoopid --  Fresh.

02 November, 2009

Icky Sicky

Well I thought I had survived all the kiddos coughing and sneezing in my face on a daily basis and my boyfriend's apparent brush with piggy flu.  But, alas I am not invincible.  I am not Marky Mark in an Eagle's uniform.  I officially have a cold -- drippy nose, puffy eyes, the longing for hot cocoa, bunny slippers and flannel pjs.  It's the worst feeling especially when it's 90 degrees out.  What's up with that LA? It's freakin 90 degrees in November!  All I ask for is a change in seasons.  Some kind of signal to let me know that Turkey day fast approaches and that I'll be spending a few days with the fam getting no rest whatsoever.  I think I'm gonna take an icky sicky day and make paper snowflakes to hang around my apartment.  Maybe I'll use glitter.

01 November, 2009

Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest

OK, Uncle Clyde's - take 2.  Here's the deal, the last time (a few weeks ago) that I was supposed to compete in this contest it got canceled.  Most of it had to do with people not coming out to the show because of rain.  That's right, rain.  People in LA get freaked out by rain, that wet stuff that waters our plants and occasionally gives our cars a natural bath.  I can't imagine what these people would do in a hurricane but I digress.

Fortunately they've rescheduled the contest.  So here's the scoop, November 4th at 8 PM in the Annex Room at the Ice House Comedy Nightclub, 24 N. Mentor Ave, Pasadena, CA.  For discounted tickets go to  www.ComedyCasting.com  and click on the November 4th show.  And tell them you're coming to see me!