30 May, 2006

crash test dummy

hey kids. well, I was in a bit of a fender-bender a couple of days ago. I'm OK but the Ho-mobile sustained a little damage. she's in surgery as we speak. to top that off, I broke my big toe yesterday. it's purple and swollen and painful, oh my! enough of that. I'll talk to you guys next week as I'll be in Hawaii drinking umbrella fruity drinks with very buff, tanned men.


25 May, 2006


hey how 'bout a big shout-out to my friend Mary, or Mare as I like to call her. It's her birthday!!!! she should be running around naked with a lamp shade on her head right about NOW. Careful Mare. No riding bicycles under the influence. One wrong bump and that bar doesn't feel too good! Later guys


17 May, 2006

Oh, what to chat about? OK here's something. What really chaps my hide is the control freak. Now don't get me wrong, I am a bit on the type A side :) But I at least allow my creative side a little breathing room. Now I can't list the particular person at large but they are involved in my day job duties and will probably never read this. So, here goes: to that person: LIGHTEN THE HELL UP. You are driving me crazy.

On a lighter note, the soccer team I play on just won our league championship. Woo-hoo, way to go chicks.


15 May, 2006

Mom blog

Hey how 'bout a big shout out to the moms on Mother's Day. Thanks for birthin' us babies. 'Preciate that. And a special holla to my mom, Mama Ho for putting up with me and my sister's constant bickering from the repetitive "She's touching me" and the "I want what she has." We're glad you didn't put us out on the side of the road even though you threatened to numerous times.

Happy Mother's Day

07 May, 2006

Well ladies and gentlemen it seems Musty & Dusty are attempting to steal my thunder. what the hell kind of expression is that anyway? who came up with that? if you know please give me the scoop. anyway, for those of you who don't know, Musty & Dusty are a couple of has-been, countrified, beehive hair-doing, chain-smoking products of incest. they smoke so much they have a permanent throat rattle and sound much like Marge Simpson's sisters. Ohhhh Musty & Dusty, I love yas. we'll chat later.

B, I got my make-up tips from a true professional -- You. I hope that one day I can work my way up to being one of your girls, you pimpette you.

later guys


03 May, 2006

Hey guys. Thanks for visiting my blogspot, which I find fascinating by the way. Who has the time to read about a bunch of crap that happens to other people? Oh -- I guess you guys do. Well, I don't want to let you down so here goes. Today I almost got run over by an oversized load on wheels and then flipped off by what looked like a 90 year old man in drag. I returned to the comfort of my home only to be head-butted by my Jack Russell Terrier upon walking through the door. He has skilz. I've often thought about entering him in a high-jump competition. Either that or the NBA slam dunk contest.

Nothing else to report I guess. I will be at Zanies tonight so if you're around come on down.