31 August, 2006


Well, we are finished filming "Bernee" and I'm sad in a way; because today I went back to my day job and although it sufficiently pays the bills it is not what I am passionate about. And of course the shoot itself was a lot of fun! :) So, until the premier I will secretly paint my fingernails purple and occasionally yell out "Jackie Roy knows I'm not a lesbian!" to random people on the street. that ought to be interesting.

keep track of the website www.berneethemovie.com for details on the premier and release of the DVD.

Also, I'll be at Zanies Sept 20th at 8 pm. Come on out and support live comedy!


29 August, 2006

Bernee delay

hey kidz. Well, we were hoping to wrap last night but due to the fabulous Nashville weather we have been unavoidably delayed! you see we have a drive-by shooting scene that requires a car rig. OK there's no drive-by but there is car rig that you can't use in the rain so there you go. It's just as well, I am now officially sick from the lack of sleep my immune system has received in the past 2 weeks. It has however been the best case of sleep deprivation in my lifetime. Pulling all-nighters in college simply do not hold a candle to filming your first major role in a feature film.

Another first for me: last night I ate 2 double cheeseburgers back to back. yeah baby! If you know me, that's a big deal.

well, until next time.


25 August, 2006

The Bernee Saga Continues

OK I have a few more tidbits about the movie to throw your way so here goes: hot panties, sleep spillage, grocery cart capades, marshmallow stick and washing machine pleasure. We're in the home stretch people and this just in: we're hoping for a premier in late October. Yeah us!

And to my fat-ass director and giggles the DP, I loves ya.

"Jackie Roy knows I'm not a lesbian!" -- Bernee

22 August, 2006

Bernee shoot

Well we have 6 full days of shooting under our belts and I am freakin' exhausted! Thanks to all the extras who have come out to help. We appreciate your time. Thanks to the Hendersonville Fire Department. You guys rock! We have a scene with a fire and these guys brought their truck and geared up for the shoot. Way cool!

I'm not going to tell you too many details. You guys will just have to wait for the premier! Although I will say this: industrial fog machine, flying cherry tomatoes, waddle run and "LESBIAN!?"

OK This is my day off. I'm going back to bed. Until next time.


17 August, 2006

Blue Goose Cafe

Alright kids. Day one of shooting is under our belts. I think it went well. Of course only the footage will tell. I want to give a Woo-Woo to the staff at the Blue Goose Cafe where we shot day #1. That place rocks. If you get a chance swing by and have a little breakfast or a cheeseburger sometime.

Or if food doesn't do it for you at least check out the plastic blue goose mascot they have on the premises. He wears a red bandana and guards the cash register.

16 August, 2006

Today's the Day!

hey kids. well, today is the day. we start shooting "Bernee." We'll be at the Blue Goose Cafe in Hendersonville, TN if you feel the need to come on by. But please, no heckling. Actors are sensitive creatures. Their egos are easily bruised.

Oh and check out the official website for the movie: www.berneethemovie.com

you'll find all the info you need to know and some stuff you really don't want to know.


11 August, 2006


Hey guys! I'm excited about this movie! We've got a talented cast and the rehearsals are going well. Shooting starts August 16th and all locations for the movie are in Hendersonville, TN. If you're curious about the shoot schedule or want to be an extra then check out that website I listed in the previous blog.

Just a blurb about the characters. Bernee (that would be me) is a single mom/waitress who is getting pulled in three directions by her diner boss Jib (who is old enough to be her diddy), the lovable and horny deputy sheriff and a lesbian church choir singer. Now what could get more interesting than that?

Not much I guarantee! Stay tuned for more about "Bernee"

02 August, 2006


Hey guys! First off I want to say thanks to all the people who came out to the open-mic at Comedy Off Broadway last night. Thanks for supporting live comedy. I don't care if you were laughing with us or at us as long as you laughed.

And now for the big news. I have somehow managed to land the title role in an independent feature film called "Bernee." Craziness, huh? I am super-psyched about this and am looking forward to sharing in the process with you guys. We start shooting August 16th. I hope to blog about rehearsals, shoot details, etc. so stay tuned. In the meantime check out the website www.lendersmorgan.com/bernee.htm for more info. Talk to ya soon