24 February, 2007

I'm "Desperate"

Hey guys. Well, things have been nuts the last week. I MC'd a show at ComedyTN in Memphis on the 18th and the club was great! A big holla to those guys. Then I did a showcase set at Bongo Java on the 20th. thanks to Rik for putting that together. Today I got back into the movie business if you will. I have the leading role in another independent feature film titled "Desperate In Dixie." We began shooting today and it went smooth as chunky peanut butter so I'm looking forward to the next few months. :)

"Desperate" is about a young woman (me!) who attempted acting as a career, became frustrated with her lack of success and came home to question her life. Everyone suggested she should get married and have babies for happiness so she spends the better part of the movie dating one guy after the other. She finally realizes that she must find happiness within herself before she can move on in any part of her life. I'm not going to tell you the ending because you may very well say "No way, Heather is playing this role?!"

until next time, watch the oscars!


05 February, 2007


Hey guys! Please go to YouTube and check out my short film that I did last year. And while you're there please rate it well!!! It's called FIRST DATE and it's less than 5 minutes. Here's the link: