13 November, 2011

Calling All Actors and Other Wannabe Famous People

Pilot season is around the corner!  Are you ready?  If you're wandering around in a stupor wondering how the homeless guy wearing that wedding dress keeps it so clean, this may be the class for you. Megan Grano, a faculty instructor of The Second City Hollywood and iO West for writing and improv and my own group's improv coach is teaching a class on character preparation for auditions. Her own comedic character monologue Sabrina Fox won a nationwide contest for the Oxygen Network. Do NOT miss this class! There are 2 opportunities to take it so check out the details from Megan below:

Pilot season is around the corner - are you ready for the various comedy show auditions?  You know, the ones where they say: "Bring in a couple characters for us. Show us 1- 2 minutes."
If you're like most performers, you hear that and you're like:
What does that even mean?
Crap, should I write something?
What should I write?
I have no idea!
Screw it, I won't do the audition.
Stop the nonsense!  Take my class and get prepared. These are the best auditions in the world because they're on your terms. So stop procrastinating and get ready to nail them! 
I'm going to teach two separate sessions:  
Saturday, December 3, 1 - 4 pm
Saturday, December 10, 1 - 4 pm
You do not have to take both.  But, of course, you can.
In each class, we will create - from scratch - one rock solid character monologue for you.  We will create a short version (30 seconds) and a long version (1 minute), so you have options depending on the type of audition.  You will test the monologues out in front of the entire class, so you will have a precise and accurate gauge on how to perform it and where the laughs are.
Cost per class:  $60.  
Remember, this is an investment in your career. You are going to leave with a honed piece you can use over and over again all pilot season. You will also have performed it in front of others. This is KEY! Even if you know you're a fabulous writer on your own, this class provides you with the opportunity to test out your material in front of others.  Creating an audition monologue in a vacuum is NEVER a good idea! 

If you'd like to sign up, email:  megan_grano@yahoo.com 

Class Location:
The No Ho Stages
4934 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA  91601

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