03 May, 2006

Hey guys. Thanks for visiting my blogspot, which I find fascinating by the way. Who has the time to read about a bunch of crap that happens to other people? Oh -- I guess you guys do. Well, I don't want to let you down so here goes. Today I almost got run over by an oversized load on wheels and then flipped off by what looked like a 90 year old man in drag. I returned to the comfort of my home only to be head-butted by my Jack Russell Terrier upon walking through the door. He has skilz. I've often thought about entering him in a high-jump competition. Either that or the NBA slam dunk contest.

Nothing else to report I guess. I will be at Zanies tonight so if you're around come on down.



erinsteph said...

we came,we saw, now where's the t-shirt?- erin and stephanie

when you need some "real" material, give ole' dusty and musty a call...

erinsteph said...

we came, we saw, now where's the t-shirt? when you want some "real" material, call dusty and musty..

:) erin and stephanie

erinsteph said...

just in case you didn't get the first 2, we came, we saw, now where's our damn t-shirt?

give us a damn call when you need some "real material"

B said...

To which name does the accent apply, Heather or Ho? Nevermind, I just looked at your picture -- I've seen less make-up on the girls trying to work my corner!