29 August, 2006

Bernee delay

hey kidz. Well, we were hoping to wrap last night but due to the fabulous Nashville weather we have been unavoidably delayed! you see we have a drive-by shooting scene that requires a car rig. OK there's no drive-by but there is car rig that you can't use in the rain so there you go. It's just as well, I am now officially sick from the lack of sleep my immune system has received in the past 2 weeks. It has however been the best case of sleep deprivation in my lifetime. Pulling all-nighters in college simply do not hold a candle to filming your first major role in a feature film.

Another first for me: last night I ate 2 double cheeseburgers back to back. yeah baby! If you know me, that's a big deal.

well, until next time.


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