20 November, 2006


What is up with this crazy PS3 thing? People getting trampled and shot for an electronic devic? it's not the fountain of youth or the key to the universe people (that's only in He-Man). get over yourselves. you're only gonna be doing the same thing next year when this year's model is obsolete.

on to other news: I'll be performing at Zanies in Nashville on December 3rd. Please come out and enjoy some comedy. Also, one of my good friends Amanda Bailey is finishing up a run in the show "Matt & Ben" at the Belcourt Theater. If you can make it to one of the last shows after Thanksgiving please do. I bet you've never seen a chick play a dude as well as Amanda plays Ben Affleck. Kudos to the crew.

Ho, ho, ho

can't wait for Santa

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