25 January, 2007

WOW !!!!

Wow!! What an evening! Well, ladies and gentlemen the night has come and gone. The premier of 'Bernee' went fantastic. I had no idea what to expect as approx 10 of my peeps backed out at the last minute. I'm not gonna call you out, you know who you are. Some of you had good excuses. My friend Kim for instance is at the SunDance Film Festival. OK, now that's one helluva an excuse. But once I arrived I knew we would be OK. The vibe was amazing. We had over 160 people there tonight. I took my seat in the center of the row slumping down as I normally do when I watch myself on screen. I'm usually one of those actresses who watches her film with one hand over her eyes because she is overly critical of everything: can you see my zits? is my butt too big? why is that hair out of place? who brought the cat? OK the last one I made up but you get the picture. But this time was different. this time I sat with one hand covering my mouth to filter the giggles. I actually enjoyed my performance. Thanks to everyone for your kind words afterwards and I want to especially thank the Crings who put out one freakin' good film.

On a more featherly note, I went from signing autographs to signing a cop's ticket. That's right, I got pulled over by one of Gallatin's finest on the way home for none other than a headlight and a brakelight being out. What the, are you kiddin me? Can I not enjoy my glorious evening and continue to prance around on cloud nine? Apparently not. But I will say this: he was kinda hot; the cop that is. and very sweet. he gave me a citation and as long as I take care of the lights I will not get "billed" so to speak. so, Mr. Copper, Mr. Po-Po whoever you are, thank you. ;)

holy crap I have to work tomorrow. back to reality. well guys I'll keep you posted on future films and upcoming comedy gigs. thank you all for supporting BERNEE. see you soon.


p.s. BERNEE dvds on sale at www.berneethemovie.com

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David R said...

Heather Ho you were awesome! I had the complete script but not the "montage" scenes lol. I cracked up when you pulled your panties out of the dryer and....

ouch...damn honnie I was just complimenting.....

shit...never mind about your panties....

Really, Heather, you were great!