26 March, 2007

Great News!!!

hey guys, great news! BERNEE, the movie I did last year, has been called upon to kick off a film festival in Virginia on April 19th; and I will be in attendance. I hope this will be the first of many festivals for BERNEE as she is a fun-lovin' gal who loves a good party. The new film that I am in is titled DESPERATE IN DIXIE based on a chick who is trying to find her way in life. She dates a few crazies on the way and eventually decides to continue her dream of acting. sound like anybody you guys know? I'll keep you posted on this one as well.

Also, I just got back from South Carolina, where I was born and raised. Had a little quality time with the fam and played in a college alumni soccer game. I'm lucky I didn't seriously injure someone (myself I mean). My sister is pregnant and we found out it's gonna be a boy. Ya-hoo. To say my brother-in-law was excited would be an understatement.

And last but not least, I've got a couple of comedy shows coming up. ZANIES in Nashville, TN this Wednesday (3/28) @ 7:30 PM and THE BELCOURT THEATER in Nashville, TN on April 13th @ 8 PM. Please come out and support live comedy. There's nothing like it.

lata kids

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