27 May, 2008


Well, I've been here for a couple of months now. I was just getting settled in when my computer crashed. That's right, my hard-drive went belly-up. fortunately for me (and many other women) I watched the "Sex and the City" episode dedicated to "backing up." Ah yes, we learned so much from Carrie Bradshaw didn't we ladies? I was able to save most of my stuff and avoid a heart-attack which is nice seeing as how young I am.

anyway, my LA experience so far in a nutshell is this: working in the ghetto (not what you think), computer crash, now addicted to sushi, appreciating mass transit, surviving no air conditioning in >90 degree heat, teaching my Michigan born-n-raised roommate how to skim a swimming pool, and last but not lease -- getting some stage time at The Comedy Store. woo-hoo.

So, Last Comic Standing (LCS) just premiered last week. Keep an eye out for the Nashville episode. Thursday nights, 9:30 EST on NBC. see you then!


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