16 September, 2008


Wow. Been a long time since I've blogged last. Been a little busy trying to make this L.A. thing happen. And -- I joined Facebook. I must say I never wanted to do either MySpace or Facebook but I'm having a pretty damn good time on the Facebook thing. It's a little more laid back and not so child pedophilish compared to MySpace. So to sum up my experiences so far: Been to some auditions but don't have an agent yet, been doing my stand-up comedy, doing some short form AND long form improv (if you don't know the difference then google it) and been working to pay the bills. I'm tired. I better go watch some 90210. Oh BTW, catch the new doc by Alison Cook I posted on my site http://web.mac.com/heather.horton It's about me! Catch ya later. :)


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