13 December, 2009

5 Comics and a Side of Fries

Hey, hey again from rainy LA!  That's right, it's raining in LA and you would've thought it was the end of the world the way these people react.  They call it a "terrible storm."  OK let's get something straight here people, I've lived through hurricanes and tornadoes.  This is simply -- rain.  As Conan said "Your roof is not made of cotton candy -- relax!"  I can only liken it to how us Southerners react to snow.  With a light dusting we run out and buy up all the milk and bread at the grocery stores because it could possibly be the year that it doesn't melt in 3 hours and we have to go 24 hours without milk and bread.

But I digress.  Just a quick note, I love this holiday season and the time I use to reflect on this past year and prepare for the upcoming year.  But before that happens, I'm gonna do a little comedy.  H2F Comedy Productions hosts 5 Comics and a Side of Fries at Michael's Bar and Grill on W. Olive Blvd in Burbank, CA Tuesday, December 29th.  Show time is 9:00 PM and the food is actually good.  So, come out for some comedy and food to usher out 2009!  :)  See you there!

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