26 January, 2010

Pilot Season

So, this is my first official year in pilot season and it's nuts. In March, I will have been in L.A. 2 years. I didn't get into the season last year for 2 reasons. One, I was moving into a new place (after just getting here a few months before) and getting settled away from a roommate situation (and not the type of Situation from Jersey Shore) and secondly, I was cautioned so much against the casting director workshops that I think it made me paranoid. But I've since been fully educated on the process and I'm work-shopping like crazy this year on top of my normal schedule. I tell ya, I'm looking forward to a trip to Vegas in March when it's all said and done. Fo sho.

If you've got any pilot season stories you want to share, send 'em along and I'll share them with everybody. Night, night.

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