19 July, 2010

From Swoosh

I've high-jacked the computer again to tell you a few things.  First, it's very hot here in this place, hotter than those 2 round dangly things that used to hang from my butt.  (Glad those are gone).  Every day when we go walkie I hope the little black things in the ground jump up and shoot me in the face with water.  Sometimes I'm lucky.  Other times I want to hang myself with my ID stitched collar with matching leash.  But no matter how much I lay on my back with my doggie part up in the air I still can't get cool.  Don't know why we moved to this desert.

Second, I'm doing that bird text thing now.  I got nothing else to do so if you're on the interwebs you can find me at @SwooshTheDog.  OK, Mama just got home so I better go.  We'll probably go walkie so I can talk to the Cat Cat who hit me last night.  He's lucky Mama pulled me away.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there bud, and here real soon we'll go running through the sprinklers again. Oh, you still got those cigars I gave you? Talk soon.

The Big Guy

Stephanie said...

You'll make it through Swoosh I know it...If not Aunt Stephanie will come and get you and bring you back to Nashville