01 November, 2009

Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest

OK, Uncle Clyde's - take 2.  Here's the deal, the last time (a few weeks ago) that I was supposed to compete in this contest it got canceled.  Most of it had to do with people not coming out to the show because of rain.  That's right, rain.  People in LA get freaked out by rain, that wet stuff that waters our plants and occasionally gives our cars a natural bath.  I can't imagine what these people would do in a hurricane but I digress.

Fortunately they've rescheduled the contest.  So here's the scoop, November 4th at 8 PM in the Annex Room at the Ice House Comedy Nightclub, 24 N. Mentor Ave, Pasadena, CA.  For discounted tickets go to  www.ComedyCasting.com  and click on the November 4th show.  And tell them you're coming to see me!

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