11 February, 2010

15 year old douchebag

So there's a certain 15 yr old kid that I want to punch in the ribs.  He's one of those doctor's kids who know Daddy will pay for anything so they feel like they can disrespect other people and their belongings.  So here's the scoop - my sister who is awesome by the way got me a nice cordless mic for Christmas.  It was her way of saying "hey at first I didn't know about all this stand up stuff but now I think it's awesome so I'm gonna get you this freakin' sweet cordless mic to show my support so you can run a room and rock it out."  She totally talks like that btw.  So I asked the producers of the show if we could use my mic in the show tonight knowing everyone would use it.  Now mind you I am well aware that comics can abuse the hell out of a mic but most comics are respectful of one another and if they know it's your stuff they will take care of it.

Enter 15 yr old douchebag who decides to beat my mic senseless against the stand repeatedly until I finally had to yell out "hey, hey, hey" to make him stop.  So to all the 15 yr old douchebags out there, when you turn 18 and have to start paying for shit, I'm gonna come over and beat you senseless right about the time your parent's health insurance plan drops your ass.  Bleh!

1 comment:

Jesse Perry said...

I support your efforts to beat this douchebag. Finally, a cause I can get behind!