28 February, 2010

Bully Stick Continued

OK, the last time we chatted Swoosh had buried his Bully Stick that I bought him to save it for later.  Well, guess what?!  He got it out yesterday and started chewing it!  Yes!  I've actually found something he likes to chew on.   Who would've ever guessed it would be a bull's penis?  Not me that's for sure.  Anyway, I decided to sneak out and get the laundry out of the dryer while Swoosh's eyes were rolling back in his head from his Bully Stick bliss.  I returned to find a large piece of his tooth on the floor.  I thought oh no what have I done?  All I wanted to do was help him get his teeth cleaned and instead he loses one.  I called the vet and they advised me to bring him in to take a look.

After the vet and his assistant (2 dudes)  finished laughing at me for not knowing what a bully stick was ("Clever marketing" was what the assistant said) the doc told me that it wasn't actually a tooth but a big chunk of tartar.  The bully stick did it's job! Gooo beef pizzle!

1 comment:

Jeffery L. Parks said...

You said his eyes were rolling into the back of his head while a bull's penis was in his mouth. If I laughed, this would be one of those times.