14 March, 2010


Well, one of the perks of living in LA is that Vegas is only an hour flight away.  A lot of people drive too but you gotta admit that a one hour flight is pretty awesome.  I just spent the weekend with my mom and sister in somewhat of a "girl's weekend" out.  So to sum up the trip:  we gambled, saw a Cirque de Soleil show (cuz you have to do that when you're in Vegas -- there's like 7 of them), gambled some more, saw a prostitute in the hotel lobby, ordered room service, gambled again, paid too much to eat and to cap off the trip -- saw Lily Tomlin perform live.  If you don't know who that is (and the 20 yr old concierge didn't) google it bitches.  You should know her!

Lily Tomlin is one of my comedy inspirations and I'm so glad I finally got to see her perform because there is no telling how long she'll continue to do this.  I mean she's still taping stuff like films and her current stint on "Damages" but you never know how much longer she'll do the live stuff.  It was a great show -- she's still got a little pep in her step despite the fact that she was obviously sick with a cold.  She braved through it and was able to just pull off all her character's voices -- even Edith Ann.  My hat's off to you Lily!  You kick ass.

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