06 April, 2010

From Swoosh

So my Jack Russell Terrier named Swoosh has been begging me forever to write a guest post on my blog.  I've finally given in (I can't resist those eyes).  So here's the first post from one - Swoosh, the dog:


Today was great.  When the alarm went off, Mama hit it as usual but she didn't look right.  She hasn't been feeling well lately but fortunately for my bladder she took me outside anyway.  I had to pull her down the sidewalk cuz she was still half asleep.  Man, she's heavy.  It's OK cuz I needed a leg workout today.  Jumping up and down off the couch just isn't cutting it anymore.  When we got back to the apartment she collapsed on the couch.  Score!  She was staying home from work which means I got to curl up next to her and breathe my stinky breath in her face.  I've been chewing on my bully sticks but it's still stinky.  I try to lick my balls at least once a day so that may be it.  Don't know.  I think the big dude is coming over later cuz she's cleaning up a little.  He's pretty cool, he scratches my ears and lets me do things I'm not supposed to do when Mama isn't looking.  Well, I'm off.  I have to go turn around 32 times before laying down for a nap so catch you bitches later.

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Anonymous said...

Swoosh, I didn't know when we started hanging out you'd eventually write a tell all book. I thought there was a certain level of trust between two men who share a cigar and a Maker's Mark. Oh God, please don't tell any one about that night in Vegas. Please think of those you could hurt if you continue this course of action (mainly me). Oh well, I've said all I can. Scratch you later.

The Big Guy