12 April, 2010

Pee Break

So I had the pleasure of performing tonight at The Warehouse in Marina del Rey.  Great venue, met some pretty cool comics and generally had a good time.  But, just as the headliner was in the middle of his set these big, burly dudes start wheeling in tables, amps, all kinds of set up equipment trailed by a gaggle of co-eds who were obviously waiting for us to leave and have whatever was about to happen - happen.

We were hurried out of there but no worries - the show was just about to begin.  Jeff and I packed up our stuff and headed toward the parking lot.  Just as we were approaching my car, we saw a girl run around the side of my car towards the bushes in front.  She turned around and dropped her panties just in time to come eye to eye with me and Jeff.  All 3 parties were stunned.  I was just hoping she didn't get pee on my tire.  I'd have every male dog and cat in the neighborhood marking my front, right tire.  And that's a whole other problem.  She quickly pulled up her panties and tried to play it off by running up to us saying "Where's the team?  Where is everybody?" in a very slurred speech.  I assumed she meant the group of co-eds who were all wearing the same little black dress so we pointed her in that direction and watched her scamper off on her shoeless feet.

The show was fun but that was the highlight of my night.  Jeff's was the fact that her right boob was hanging out.  ;)

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