07 March, 2011

Harold aftermath

So on this fine Monday morning I can only say one thing -- what just happened? My brain feels like it's been run over by a truck then put in a blender and set to chop. This weekend I went through two intense days of Harold auditions at iO West. Saturday was decent and I got a callback and Sunday was solid but not great. So keep your fingers crossed they take a chance on this ole gal. Then I get home in hopes of getting some good rest to start the week off right. But my neighbor had other plans. Let's just say she expresses herself loudly when her boyfriend visits in the middle of the night. They expressed themselves for 2 hours last night. I don't know whether to offer congratulations, get pissed or send her a case of Beaudreaux's Buttpaste. Either way, there was limited sleep - for the both of us.

And on top of it all, I have an agent meeting today. Let's hope what comes out of my mouth is lucid and my filter is somewhat back on. Cheers.

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