21 May, 2007


Hey kidz. just a note. I'll be at Zanies in Nashville, TN this Wednesday(May 23rd) and at the Comedy Club at the Stardome in Birmingham, AL this Friday(25th). Both shows start at 7:30 pm. Zanies will let you in for $5 if you tell them you are a guest of one of the performers.

Also, I am hosting the white carpet festivities for the annual White Garment Affair to be held at Bar Twenty3 in Nashville, TN. the event costs $5 and begins at 9 PM. So, come dressed in your sexiest white outfit and be ready to party. Just think, you don't have to work the next day. yeah!!

OK, so you thought I was avoiding the subject of the make-out scene in my most recent movie. well you were right. :) It was my first on screen make-out scene ever but I think it went well. It's a tricky thing because you are trying not to look ridiculous while cameras capture one of the most intimate things people do. And the guy was fantastic. I won't tell you his name to protect the innocent but he is an intelligent, witty and funny guy so that made everything as easy as Sunday morning.

you'll have to see the movie to see how hot it turned out. Ha.


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